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International Peace Symbols on UN Peace Day, Sept. 21, at City Council properties and parks

Symbols on small driven-in posts at parks for that day only. It's the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's for all to use. They'd be 600mm in diameter and painted white. At the City Council Office Building foyer, the Absolutely Positively Wellington logo would be displayed on a stand with 100mm high letters and an International Peace Symbol, that height, either side of the word "Positively", for this day only.

Submitted by Murray Richard Tingey
Opened 19 October 2012
Closed 3 May 2013


Total: 11

Name Suburb City
Maria van der Meel Island Bay Wellington
Murray Richard Tingey Levin West Levin
Barney Richards Otaki North Otaki
Laurie Salas khandallah Wellington
Ricky McLeod Island Bay Wellington
Jane Hadaway Tawa Wellington
Ellen Blake Mt Victoria Wellington
Bernard O'Shaughnessy Newtown Wellington
Anne Hunt Foxton Beach Foxton Beach
Margaret Jeune Levin Southwest Levin Southwest
Alyn Ware Te Aro Wellington