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Map of all yellow and red stickered buildings in Wellington

I want Wellington City Council (WCC) as the Territorial Authority who decides on the worthiness of buildings to provide an up to date (weekly) map on their Website and in all libraries and service centres for all ratepayers and visitors to see and make note of.

This is only fair, honest and just and will educate ratepayers which buildings are up to code or not.

Submitted by Michael Mckee
Opened 12 September 2013
Closed 12 October 2013


Total: 8

Name Suburb City
Michael Mckee Seatoun Wellington
Mark Waters Newtown Wellington
Rebekah Davies Newtown Wellington
Jason Pollock Johnsonville Wellington
Merron Wilkes Seatoun Wellington
Joshua Mclennan-Deans Newton Wellington
Adrian Slack melrose Wellington
Murray Richard (Called Richard) Tingey Levin West Levin