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A safe crossing to McAlister Park

There is no safe crossing around the end of Farnham St where it meets McAlister Park in Mornington, Wellington.

Dozens of walkers with prams, dogs, and little people criss-cross between the Farnham St playground and the sports fields park every week, not to mention weekend sport players. At an intersection with poor visibility and no safe place to cross, or even an island between lanes, it seems like a matter of time before something unfortunate happens.

Submitted by Caleb Carnie
Opened 12 July 2014
Closed 12 October 2014


Total: 72

Name Suburb City
Caleb Carnie Mornington Wellington
Rachel Davies Kingston Wellington
Victoria Sole Mornington Wellington
Kaye Reardon Mornington wellington
Matthew Sole Mornington Wellington
Matthew McGrannachan Mornington Wellington
AJ Feist Berhampore Wellington
Jo Mackinlay Greenmeadows Napier
Molly Kallesen Island Bay Wellington
Bryan Wall Brooklyn Wellington
Amanda Chu Island Bay Wellington
John Lowe Mornington Wellington
Jo Moir Mt Vic Wellington
Paul Dekker Maupuia Wellington
Pearl Harrington Te Ari Wellington
Shiana Weir Te Aro Wellington
Jared Simons Newlands Wellington
Benjamin Johnson Melrose Wellington
james phillips berhampore Wellington
Dave Hurley Mornington Wellington