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Keith Spry teaching pool to be open to the general public when not in use for swimming lessons.

The newly refurbished Keith Spry pool in Johnsonville has a new dedicated teaching pool. This petition supports the use of this pool by the general public during the times when swimming lessons are not occurring in this pool or when only a few lanes are in use. Use of the dedicated teaching pool when it is not in use for private swimming lessons would cater for 5-10 year olds who currently have no suitable place to swim.

Submitted by Nerys Foster
Opened 25 March 2015
Closed 25 June 2015


Total: 263

Name Suburb City
Nerys Foster Newlands Wellington
David Foster Newlands Wellington
Cara Worboys-Clark Newlands Wellington
Brian Cumming Newlands Wellington
Ceridwyn Roberts Berhampore Wellington
Victoria Manning Johnsonville Wellington
Mayumi Robinson Johnsonville Wellington
Annalise Turner Broadmeadows Wellington
Marion Howard-Brumby Johnsonville Wellington
Sam Khattak Johnsonville Wellington
Markelle Archer Johnsonville Wellington
Rachel Xiaoxue Bi Newlands Wellington
Lydia Ayto Paparangi Wellington
Candice Russell Churton Park Wellington
Chrus Zawodny Paparangi Wellington
Bernadette Brown Newlands Wellington
Samantha Bennett Khandallah Wellingtn
Stephen Bennett Khandallah Wellington
Merrin Webster Johnsonville Wellington
Cara Baddington johnsonville Wellington