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A bylaw; To enforce cyclist's use cycle lanes where provided at all times.

The overseas experience shows cyclist are required to use cycle lanes where provided and is embedded in their Road Code. A bylaw therefore will ensure compliance as the need to share the road as per the Land Transport Act (see definition of a road) no longer applies.

Submitted by Maria van der Meel
Opened 21 May 2015
Closed 18 June 2015


Total: 18

Name Suburb City
Maria van der Meel Island Bay Wellington
Murray Richard Tingey Levin North West Levin
Laura Newcombe Wellington Wellington
Jane Byrne Island Bay Wellington
Ronald Oliver Brooklyn Wellington
Fran De Gregorio Island Bay Wellington
Cristina van Dam Island Bay Wellington
Frances De Gregorio Island bay Wellington
Mathry Heather Newlands Wellington
Anthony Cohen mount cook wellington
Lorraine edwards Island Bay Wellington
Drea Maria Kingsland Auckland
Honor Byrne Melrose Wellington
Linda McNabb Island Bay Wellington
Sonja Parigger Island Bay Wellington
Amie Van der Meel Melrose Wellington
Celeste Van Der Meel island bay wellington