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Half-sized option for council rubbish bags.

We need to offer half-sized council rubbish bags for sale, additional to the current full-sized rubbish bags.
This will help us consciously reduce waste, good for reducing costs and weights of the bags which is especially for those on benefits or the elderly on Super, will help reduce the illegal dumping of rubbish, and helps ease the burden of those collecting the rubbish.

Submitted by Darcy Mellsop
Opened 23 September 2020
Closed 23 October 2020


Total: 46

Name Suburb City
Jacqueline d'Ath Ngaio Wellington
Richard Boeve Roseneath Wellington
Julia Wilkie Smith Roseneath Wellington
Megan Shepherd Wellington City Wellington
Ginni Kaur Eastbourne Lower Hutt
Echo Brooke-White Aro Valley Wellington