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That WCC adopt prepaid rubbish bag stickers to compliment the existing official rubbish bags.

A rubbish bag sticker would support WCC's and the Government's 'Reduce, reuse and recycle' initiatives, and reduce plastic entering the Southern Landfill. Official Council rubbish bags are often not filled due to reductions in rubbish and increased recycling. Those using smaller plastic bin liners must use an official rubbish bag, increasing plastic bag use.

Submitted by Scott McIntyre
Opened 2 November 2009
Closed 2 February 2010


Total: 12

Name Suburb City
andrew watson thorndon wellington
Bonnie Riley Mount Cook Wellington
Anthony Cohen Oriental Bay Wellington
RIchard Edwards Island Bay Wellington
Alexander Garside Northland Wellington
Phil Drummond Miramar Wellington
Jacqui Booth Kingston Wellington
Ian Lyons Hataitai Wellington
Gilbert Sanseau Island Bay Wellington
Mike Zandvliet Brooklyn Wellington
Merrilee McCoy Mt Victoria Wellington
Adrienne Hannan Wilton Wellington