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Erecting physical barriers between designated motorcycle parking zones and car parking zones

The Council is responsible for managing on-street parking in a smarter and more effective manner.

Currently the designated zones with their road painted barriers don't address the issue of drivers inadvertently backing into parked motorcycles and causing damage.

The current situation is a hazard with the potential to cause serious injury to a member of the public if they were struck by a falling motorcycle. It is the Council's duty as manager of on-street parking to minimise this risk.

Submitted by Amisha Patel
Opened 3 February 2009
Closed 3 March 2009


Total: 137

Name Suburb City
Amisha Patel Petone Lower Hutt
Emma Anderson Tauranga Tauranga
Peta Milne Calmavale Brisbane
Dean Hall Brooklyn Wellington
Ben Johnston Naenae Lowerhutt
Nicole Brady Karori Wellington
Nicholas Mackle Avalon Lower Hutt
Ryan Kennedy Hataitai Wellington
mark hodson Brooklyn Wellington
Rebecca Hodson Brooklyn Wellington
Laura Woodward Hataitai Wellington
Suman Sajwan Ngaio Wellington
Tom Dibley Mt Victoria Wellington
Kevin Marnane trentham Upper Hutt
Jess Corbett Vogeltown Wellington
Fraser Shaw Hataitai Wellington
Juilee Bhandekar Lower hutt Wellington
John Anderson Karori Wellington
Anthony Wong Hamilton East HAMILTON
Dawn Logan Mt Victoria Wellington