Cars towed away after paid parking fee for 12 hr, without any signs of no parking

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We parked our cars in the parking area in 13 Barnett St,Te Aro,at 8:00pm 26th Nov. $25.20 paid for 2 cars of 12hrs, When 7:00am 27th Nov.,the parking became a market,and our cars had been towed away! There was nothing notice around the pay machine when we paid. That was very unfair, deceptive marketing or worse, a bald-faced lie! We paid $25.2 for parking,$440 for towed away,$16.07 for Uber to tow parking. Totally $481.27. We'd like make a complanit and a refund.

Submitted by Luffy Liu
Date withdrawn 12 December 2016
Status Withdrawn

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