That Wellington City Council installs sensor pads at pedestrian crossings at traffic lights.

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I am writing about the new traffic lighted crossings around Newtown and the Basin Reserve. It seems to be a regular joke which we as drivers witness where people with no intentions of crossing press the buttons as they pass to make us all stop. In effect, the lights are great but it would be better if they had a sensor pad where people would stand which was on a timer for 15 seconds before activating the crossing or go back to green quicker if people step off the pads.

Submitted by Karryn McKenna
Date withdrawn 27 July 2009
Status Withdrawn

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This petition refers to the intersections on Adelaide Road and Riddiford Street where traffic lights are in use to control traffic and provide a controlled crossing for pedestrians, including those lights recently installed.


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This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.