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i have noticed that the dog walkers who use our street on trelawny terrace, are very often leave the dogs litter behind. i wish to get a sign post on the road for a reminder to remove the litter. there are few cars parked unattended for more than few weeks, on the street. some people park their cars on the foot path and the grass on top of the curb. kindly check the road and correct the offenders. i wish to have the lines on the road done to our street.

Submitted by john parampil
Date declined 21 September 2018
Status Declined

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it seems like some residents who are running some business are taking up the large amount of space in the street to park all their vehicles. it causes a lot of inconvenience to the neighboring people. kindly advice them to park there vehicles near to their compound.



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This petition has been declined as the issues raised can be better dealt with through our customer inquiry database.