Quadruple parking fines but have a quarter the number of wardens

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Make the current fine for staying to long in a parking metered space $50 (up from $12) but give people 10 minutes grace. adjust the others up $30 more over what they are now. eg make the fine for other issues eg parking on yellow lines $100 (up from $40-$60). Give them 3 minutes grace unless it is a clearway.

Submitted by Frank Lawton
Date declined 29 March 2012
Status Declined

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there is far too much policing of parking. if you really make the fine hurt ( $12 is not hurt enough) but give drivers time to get back before they get a ticket then no one can complain. While there will be fewer wardens and fewer tickets they will get alot more money and the size of the fines will mean people will behave better so the need for wardens numbers will be less than at present. This should still achieve the wcc goal of wanting people to move on from parking spaces to let others in



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Petition was not within the jurisdiction of the Council.