Permanent Ice Skating Rink in Wellington

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This petition is to allow the members of the wellington region to voice their approval of the idea of having a permanent ice skating rink located in wellington city. This petition was created due to the vast amount of displeasure shown by many members of the wellington public by the restricted amount of time the ice skating was open; it is an activity which caters to the joy of many people despite their age.

Submitted by Hannah Clayton
Date declined 29 March 2012
Status Declined

Background information

Although we, the creators, accept that our ages may reflect on the amount of significance of this petition we hope that it will be seen that this is a serious request with a lot of good intent. It was created due to the amount of enjoyment the ice skating rink brought to all who had enough time to visit it.



What happened to this petition?

This petition was declined for the following reason:

Withdrawn by petitioner.