keep go wellington nz bus GOLD PASS currently $99/mth. ONE outlay, not tag in-tag out

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seek to continue a convenient incentive to use public transport when the use today is not predictable. equivalent to 3 or 5 x one zone rides per day. accept a cost up to $124/month = 31days*$4/day. Suitable for shoppers & beneficiaries please.

Submitted by Don McDonald
Date declined 2 August 2010
Status Declined

Background information

greater wgtn regional council GWRC has approved bus and train fare increases effective october 2010 including suspension of all concessions. including monthly gold pass and day tripper options.



What happened to this petition?

This petition was declined for the following reason:

Petition was not within the jurisdiction of the Council.

The petitioner was advised to pursue the issue regarding subsidised bus fares with Greater Wellington Regional Council.