Central City Improvements: Oaks Building Demolition

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As park of the Manner Mall and Street bus lane changes, Council should move to acquire the Oaks Building Complex and demolish it, and seek redevelopers for it. (or force the present owner to drastically improve it) In the main, incorporate better inner city shopping and improve links to public areas like Te Aro Park and Courtenay Place,

Submitted by Steve Dwyer
Date declined 9 March 2009
Status Declined

Background information

It is well known that the Council intended for the present Oaks building be a temporary (10yrs?) measure after the Hotel there was demolished - It is well 'overdue' to dispose of this hideous ugly building once and for all!!



What happened to this petition?

This petition was declined for the following reason:

This petition has been declined as Wellington City Council has no legal entitlement to take the actions sought.