Save the Evans Bay Patent Slip Wharf !

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The Evans Bay Patent Slip Wharf is a historic landmark, a pillar of the local fishing community and part of Hataitai's summer fun. While it rots away to ruin in the harbour, people could be obtaining sustainable and affordable food by fishing, boating with ease, enjoying time with their families jumping from the wharf and learning about our very first patent slip, of national importance.

Submitted by Alex Randall
Opened 25 November 2016
Closed 25 January 2017
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My name is Alex Randall and I am an 11 year old student at Hataitai School. I'm a keen fisherman and a passionate member of my local community. I've recently been researching the Patent Slip Wharf and have realised just how much it needs to be fixed, especially due to its history and recreational importance. Children at my school would love to have this fixed and I would love to see how our passion for our local environment could actually have an impact.


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This petition closed for signatures on 25 January 2017.