Turf in Tawa

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The Tawa Community Board is requesting that the Wellington City Council site a multipurpose all-weather turf in the Tawa area.

Submitted by Malcolm Sparrow
Opened 11 February 2011
Closed 11 March 2011
Status Presented

Background information

Wellington City Council is proposing a number of all-weather turfs in central Wellington and we are delighted this is happening. We believe there should be other turfs geographically located in the Northern suburbs of Wellington. Tawa has an enviable record in sport and a high percentage of residents playing sport. There are many ground closures in Tawa and the current grounds are vulnerable to bad weather. For these reasons, we believe Tawa should be granted an all weather multipurpose turf.


Signatures: 1,723

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 11 March 2011.

The petition was presented to the Strategy and Policy Committee on 7 April 2011.

Download Officers' Response (16KB PDF)