The International Peace Symbol in Wellington City Council's Absolutely Positively Wellington logo.

Petition details

The International Peace Symbol is globally recognised, fifty years old, still the British based Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament organisation's logo and on a woman's lips on a 1995 one dollar New Zealand stamp, shown in link 1. below. This petition proposes to include this logo in the Wellington City Council's Absolutely Positively Wellington logo.

Submitted by Murray Richard Tingey
Opened 24 February 2010
Closed 24 August 2010
Status Presented

Background information

Wellington, the capital of nuclear weapons free New Zealand, absolutely positively wants nuclear weapons banned by 2020 via a global treaty and inspection system. This ePetition will be presented with the closed one on a similar topic that obtained 31 signatures shown in link 2. below.


Signatures: 34

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 24 August 2010.

The petition was presented to the Strategy & Policy (disestablished) committee on 14 April 2011.