A Positive Dog Policy Petition

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We request that the Dog Policy include: * increased off lead access to the Town Belt, Botanic Gardens, beaches, Karori Cemetery, Trelissick and Macalister Parks * a presumption that dogs will be under control rather than simply on leash. Ecologically sensitive areas and the City Centre to be on-leash. * access to the City Centre 24/7 and for Waitangi Park to be removed as a prohibited area * expanded exercise areas that are fenced, with poo bag dispensers and rubbish bins

Submitted by Sharon Stephenson
Opened 25 September 2009
Closed 25 November 2009
Status Presented

Background information

This petition grew out of the Dog Policy review process of 8 and 10 September. It reflects a careful across-the-wards effort by Wellington dog owners, Wellington non-owners, and members of DAWGS to improve our city by improving its dog policy.


Signatures: 618

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 25 November 2009.

The petition was presented to the Council on 11 December 2009.

The Council received the petition at their meeting on 11 December 2009.