Do not delay the construction of the Westchester Drive Extension from Motorway to Churton Park.

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The Churton Park Community Association have recently been reviewing how the major developments planned for the suburb are progressing and one of those key developments is the Westchester Drive Extension. We are aware construction was planned to start in July 2009, however we are also aware that the council have reviewed spending in light of the current economic climate and construction has been delayed to 2010. We are petitioning the council to make them aware of the importance of the extension to Churton Park and Wellington and to ensure construction is not further delayed.

Submitted by Daniel Warsaw
Opened 1 April 2009
Closed 1 June 2009
Status Presented

Background information

Continued house construction brings construction crews and equipment in and out of the suburb, taking the route through Middleton Road, Burbank Crescent and Halswater Drive. There is potential for accidents generated by this traffic. The new Churton Park Neighbourhood Shopping Centre depends on it for its commercial viability, affecting residents’ lifestyles and community growth. It will contribute to reducing Wellington’s carbon footprint by removing extra vehicle kilometres per year.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 1 June 2009.

The petition was presented to the Strategy and Policy Committee on 11 June 2009.

The petition was received by the Strategy and Policy Committee who resolved to refer it to officers to inform their work.