To allow cyclists access to the current "Bus Only" bus lanes in the central city.

Petition details

This petition concerns the following 'Buses Only’ lanes in the central city: - On the southbound route of Lambton Quay starting at Kirkcaldie's department store and continuing along Hunter Street, Customhouse Quay, and Willis Street. - On Thorndon Quay. - In the operations area at the Lambton Interchange. This petition requests that the Wellington City Council either change these bus lanes to joint bus-cycle lanes, or agree to add a cycle lane to these bus only lanes.

Submitted by John Howell
Opened 8 November 2007
Closed 8 February 2008
Status Presented

Background information

The use of special vehicle lanes is already allowed as long as you give way to the primary vehicles designated for this type of lane. Cars must give way to cyclists on bicycle lanes, in bus lanes, cyclists must give way to buses. These central city lanes are already in speed restricted areas so cyclists would not be obstructing buses. This would also allow cyclists to avoid the much busier and dangerous intersections that the buses are already bypassing when crossing through the central city.


Signatures: 577

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 8 February 2008.

The petition was presented to the Council on 28 February 2008.

Download Officers' Response (13KB PDF)