History Walking tour/trail Te Motu Kairangi/Miramar Peninsula

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This petition asks the Wellington City Council officers allow a walking history tour from the South end of the Miramar Peninsula Te Motu Karangi to the North end Watts Peninsula to be inclusive of a national Heritage park, Zealandia without fences . The idea of the tour is to encourage visitors to come and enjoy the Peninsula and it's surroundings. Native bird life, native trees and our famous Miramar Peninsula Prison Gardens.

Submitted by Mary Anderson
Opened 7 September 2023
Closed 7 November 2023
Status Closed

Background information

Enterprise Miramar Peninsula are working to create a history walking tour. The trail and signs will be in English and translated in to Te Reo by the local schools and Iwi representatives. History will be gathered from the National Library, Iwi Military historians The information can and will be authenticated to the best of our ability.


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What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 7 November 2023.