Replace Fireworks with Drone Fireworks for all public events

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Replace Fireworks with Drone Fireworks (for such events as Matariki, New Years, Diwali, Lunar New Year) by 2023. Drone fireworks are gaining popularity as such we should use Drone displays as a replacement for fireworks. This would help mitigate concerns about firework-related air pollution and environmental damage, noise pollution and anxiety trauma to pets.

Submitted by Kallum Best
Opened 13 July 2022
Closed 13 October 2022
Status Closed

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As the capital city we should follow suit in a progressive greener way to celebrate, governments in China and India have already taken measures to prevent fireworks at the Lunar New Year and Diwali, as well as this Drones were incorporated into the Tokyo Olympics 2020 opening ceremony.


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This petition closed for signatures on 13 October 2022.