Botanic Garden, 1500 mm x 150 mm Upright, Decorative Concrete, International Peace Symbol.

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Childrens' donations would fund design and construction. The famous, 55 year old, free symbol, is the United Kingdom based Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's or CND's. It's also known as the ban the bomb symbol. Wellington campaigners used it for the City and then New Zealand to become nuclear weapons free. The Botanic Garden is of gorgeous life. Nuclear weapons totally insult all life. The symbol is correct for there. It would remind us to try harder to abolish all nuclear weapons for ever.

Submitted by Murray Richard (called Richard) Tingey
Opened 5 August 2013
Closed 5 November 2013
Status Closed

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There are about twenty artistic items in the Botanic Garden of a peace theme. However, the International Peace Symbol has the specific message of immediate abolition of nuclear weapons. An 80 mm by 500 mm visible, stainless steel clad, steel stem, on grass, would go down to a hidden, foundation. Smooth marble pebbles, every 50 mm, in the exposed aggregate, would symbolise cities belonging to people, but not nuclear weapons, as Wellington's, The City is Ours Incorporated, aspires to.


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This petition closed for signatures on 5 November 2013.