Paid Domestic Violence Leave for Council staff



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This petition is asking the Wellington City Council to include in all of its staff contracts: a clause that entitles staff to take up to 20 days of paid Domestic Violence Leave a year; a clause that prevents the Council from sanctioning, punishing, or firing a worker if their work suffers because of Domestic Violence; and a clause that protects the privacy of the employee in these matters.

Background information

When people are suffering from Domestic Violence, it can be very difficult for them to maintain usual standards at work. They may even be unable to attend work at all for certain periods. This is especially troubling for women since they make up the vast majority of DV victims, yet suffer from the gender pay gap and employment discrimination concerning caring for children. Being able to maintain steady employment is crucial to helping victims of DV escape their situation and rebuild their lives.

Submitted by Geraint Scott
Date declined 19 March 2015
Status Declined

What happened to this petition?

This petition was declined for the following reason:

This ePetition was not within the Council's jurisdiction as employment matters are delegated to the Chief Executive.