Full Time Off-Leash Dog Friendly Section for Island Bay Beach.



Petition details

This petition requests that a section of Island Bay Beach is designated as an off-leash area for dogs for use at all times. The beach is large enough to accommodate all users without having a detrimental impact on families and children wishing to occupy a dog-free section. An initial poll on Neighbourly indicated wide support for this petition. This would improve the dog-friendly amenity of Island Bay for dogs who enjoy swimming & being off-leash. It would also reduce journeys to other suburbs.

Background information

Island Bay has few off-leash areas. DOC highlights that penguins prefer predator-free off-shore islands. The risks onshore are not limited to dogs and include adjacent road traffic and cats who hunt at night. Alongside DOC, Forest & Bird have designated a number of penguin nesting areas around the South Coast and Island Bay Beach is not one of those. If the Island Bay Beach is not a favourable habitat for penguins, then the potential impact and risk of an off-leash area are minimal.

Submitted by Hilary Davis
Opened 26 November 2015
Closed 26 January 2016
Status Presented

What happened to this petition?

This petition closed for signatures on 26 January 2016.

The petition was presented to the Environment Committee (disestablished October 2016) committee on 17 March 2016.