Artsplash is a young people’s arts festival that brings together primary and intermediate schools throughout Wellington to celebrate dance, music, visual art and wearable art. They perform for their parents, whānau, friends and the public.

Artsplash logo.

18–22 September 2017

Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington

Start times:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 5.15pm and 7.45pm
Thursday and Friday: 5pm and 7.45pm

Artsplash dance

21−22 September 2017

Various dance styles are performed by students aged 5−13 years old. Students choreograph and perform their own routines. Artsplash dance combines many genres including hip-hop, creative, jazz, cultural and ballet.

Artsplash music and wearable art

18−20 September 2017

Music-making ‘by young people, for young people’ is at the heart of Artsplash. Thousands of young people perform at the Michael Fowler Centre, accompanied by the Artsplash Festival Band, Chilton Amadeus Orchestra, Scots College Orchestra, and Wellington’s Sinfonietta Orchestra.

Year 7 and 8 students present their Wearable Art creations in a colourful performance.

Artsplash visual art

18−22 September 2017

For young visual artists, there’s nothing like seeing their work displayed in a public exhibition. More than 1,000 pieces will adorn the Renouf Foyer of the Michael Fowler Centre. Free entry.



Artsplash is made possible through the generous support of the Wellington Decorative Arts Society.

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