One Tag dog registration

We’re saying goodbye to plastic dog tags and hello to One Tag.

A close crop black dog's neck, wearing a blue colour with a bright yellow tag, the tag WCC with a number underneath.

This year, we’re introducing One Tag - the only tag you’ll need for your dog as long as he or she lives in Wellington.

One Tag is made from lightweight, durable metal, and comes in two sizes – 25mm for small dogs and 35mm for larger dogs.

Replacing our usual tags with a One Tag will help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste going into the city’s landfill. We’ve issued around 60,000 plastic tags in the last five years alone!

How One Tag works

  • You’ll receive your re-registration invoice in late May/early June as usual, and will need to pay your fees by 1 July.
  • We’ll send out your One Tag when we receive your payment. Please note that we’re no longer accepting payment by cheque for any of our services.
  • From next year onwards, you’ll receive your re-registration invoice as usual, but will keep using the same tag.
  • The back of the One Tag is blank so you can get it engraved with your dog’s name or your contact details if you wish.
  • If you move out of Wellington City, you’ll need to swap this tag for a new tag at the council you move to.

Need help?

Email us at or give us a call on 04 499 4444.