Microchipping cats

All domestic cats over the age of 12 weeks in Wellington must be microchipped and registered with NZCAR.

You can get your cat microchipped at your local vet.

The bylaw on microchipping cats was passed at the Environment Committee on 4 August 2016.


Microchipping costs between $15 and $20, plus vet fees.

Registration with NZCAR (New Zealand Companion Animal Register) is a one-off fee of $15.

Register your cat on NZCAR 

Benefits of microchipping your cat

  • Microchipping helps protect your cat and supports you as a pet owner.
  • Microchips are reliable, unlike cat collars, which often come off.
  • Microchipping makes it easy for vets, animal shelters and councils to identify cats if they become lost or separated, or if they’re causing a nuisance.
  • Microchipping is recommended as best practice by the Ministry for Primary Industries in their Companion Cats - Code of Welfare 2007.

Non-microchipped cats

If your non-microchipped cat is picked up you will not be fined, but you may have to pay a ‘reuniting fee’ through the SPCA before it’s returned. This fee covers the costs of looking after and possibly treating your cat.

An owner who repeatedly refuses to microchip their cat may be prosecuted for breach of the bylaw.

If a cat is causing a nuisance

Talk to your neighbours to establish if the cat or cats are stray and report to a cat rescue.

If the cats have kittens under 10 weeks old, report to the SPCA as they will pick up and rehome the kittens, and possibly de-sex the queen.If the cats are sick or injured please contact the SPCA

You should also report this to Council (for their records) to map out problem areas for future work that may be carried out.