Ram raid support

If your business has experienced a ram raid, support and guidance is available to improve your in-store security.

If you have experienced a ram raid

If your business has just experienced a ram raid, call 111 immediately. The Police will assist you and tell us that a ram raid has occurred. 

What happens next?

Council staff will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to visit to talk with you about what happened, and how we can help.  During this visit we will discuss options available to support you. This could include funding from the Police led Retail Crime Prevention Programme. Learn more about this programme on the Police website: NZ Police - Retail Crime Prevention Programme

Support available to you 

If you are eligible for Police support, they may provide you with recommendations to improve the safety and security of your store, and funding may be available for recommended security products. 

If any of these recommendations include the installation of bollards, roller doors or changes to the structure of your building and you want to proceed with these, please contact us. We will arrange a meeting with you to assess if a building or resource consent is required before installation.

If you are not eligible for Police funding and support, we will continue to offer guidance and advice as you work through the options available to you. 

Need help?

If you have any questions or need support, please contact our City Safety team using the contact details below:

Wellington City Council 
04 499 4444