Rules around fireworks in Wellington

Fireworks in public places

Fireworks are not to be let off in public spaces or parks.

Noise control

Fireworks are not covered under noise control, as they are explosives – dangerous use should be reported to the police and/or fire service.


Bonfires are not allowed without a Fire Permit from Fire and emergency NZ.

Check it's alright - Fire service guide to fires

Fireworks sales

Wellington City Council do not police the sale of fireworks. This is the job of the Environmental Protection authority.

Public fireworks display

The Council puts on a public fireworks display during Matariki, which in is July each year. 

If you want to organise a large public fireworks display you can contact the Council events team by emailing:



Keep fireworks:

  • in their original packaging
  • in a dry place
  • away from heat and sources of ignition
  • away from flammable materials like petrol or paint
  • in a locked container or cabinet.

When using fireworks at home it is important to follow the Fire and Emergency New Zealand safety guidelines.


Remember to:

  • follow instructions on fireworks
  • read them with a torch
  • light them away from things that could catch fire
  • be careful when drinking alcohol
  • only let adults light fireworks
  • have cold water on hand
  • do not relight fireworks that do not go off
  • put any burns under cold water for 20 minutes
  • never point fireworks towards another person
  • keep animals inside and safe.