Sports Event Partnership Fund

The Sports Event Partnership Fund has been established to support mid-tier sport and recreation events.

Fund details

Key dates: Opens Tuesday 25 January 2022, closes midnight Monday 28 February 2022, notified Tuesday 29 March 2022.
Value: Generally a maximum of $10,000 per event with a smaller number of events receiving up to $20,000. See past allocations (29KB PDF)

Purpose of the fund

Wellington City Council receives a significant number of requests from event organisers seeking to hold sports tournaments and events in and across the city including in Council managed facilities, sports fields, parks and beaches.

The Sports Event Partnership Fund has been established to support mid-tier sport and recreation events that contribute to Wellington’s economy, support the development of clubs and sport and recreation bodies, promote participation in sport and active recreation, and showcase Wellington as a vibrant sport and recreation destination.

Mid-tier events are regional, national and smaller scale international events and tournaments that deliver economic and social benefit to the city, but fall below the threshold for Major Events Funding.

The fund will be used to attract new events to the city, particularly those with the potential to grow into significant multi-year or major events. It will generally not be used to fund existing events that are currently funded from elsewhere or have the ability to secure funding from other sources.

The fund may be used to leverage support from other sources, and recipients must be able to match funding received from the Sports Event Partnership Fund either with cash or in-kind investment.

Fund objectives

The objective of the fund is to:

  • deliver economic benefit to Wellington City
  • increase utilisation of the Council managed sports facilities
  • promote and encourage participation and active, healthy lifestyles
  • inspire city vibrancy, pride and provide an opportunity to showcase Wellington
  • support the development of clubs and sport and recreation organisations
  • support sport talent development
  • support emerging sports as well as traditional, established sports.


Requests for funding will be considered against the following criteria:

Minimum requirements

  • The event must attract a substantial number of participants and supporters from outside of the Wellington Region
  • The event must involve at least one nights accommodation in Wellington City
  • The event must be aligned with or have support from the appropriate national or regional sporting body and/or any relevant clubs or recreation organisations
  • The event must not unduly displace community sport
  • The event must be held in Wellington City
  • The applicant must declare if they have received funding (or have applied or intend applying for funding) from the WellingtonNZ Major Events Fund or other Council sources for the proposed event
  • The event organiser has public liability insurance
  • The event organiser is a registered company, incorporated society or charitable trust.

Additional criteria

Preference will be given to events that meet the following additional criteria:

  • The event will be held at a Council managed facility site or sports field
  • The event is contestable to host
  • The event will be held more than once and has the potential to grow into a significant or major event
  • Top level national events, i.e. National Championships, Masters, Elite, Age Group
  • International events in minority or emerging sports that are experiencing significant participant growth.


Event organisers, contractors and sub-contractors must be experienced and have a good reputation of event delivery and event safe practices. Applicants may be required to provide references.

What the fund will not cover

  • Funding for professional franchises or elite sport
  • Funding for capital works
  • Debt servicing or re-financing costs
  • Prize money
  • Money which will be redistributed as grant funding, sponsorship, donations, bequests or aid to other recipients
  • Purchase of insurance or legal costs
  • Events where the primary purpose is to promote religious ministry or political objectives.

Venue/facility hire

The fund may be used to pay for Wellington City Council venue hire or ground fees. However, recipients will not be eligible for additional venue subsidies or discounts.

Multi-year funding

Grants will generally be one-off. However, in a small number of cases multi-year grants may be made. Multi-year grants will be for a maximum of three years at which time the event organiser is expected to have established a sustainable funding model.

Sports events that have previously received funding from other Council sources are eligible to apply to the fund for an additional three years of funding from the date of their first application.

Marketing support

Successful applicants may receive additional marketing support from the Council. This will be negotiated on a case by case basis as relevant to the event.

Apply for the fund

  1. Complete an application and submit to by the advertised closing date.
  2. Applicants will be sent a confirmation email to acknowledge receipt of the application.
  3. Applicants will be contacted if further information is required and asked to provide the information within five days.
  4. Applications will be assessed by the Sports Event Partnership Fund Panel using the above criteria. We will also take into account the management of any previous funding or sponsorship received and reporting provided.
  5. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email within 30 days of the applications closing.
  6. For approved applications, a funding agreement will be provided which will contain information on the terms and conditions of the sponsorship, including reporting requirements.