Other grants

Other grants supported or administered by the Council include grants for recycling services, energy efficiency incentives, and compost.

Recycling grant or kerbside collection service

Schools, early childhood centres and not-for-profit organisations can apply for a recycling grant or kerbside collection service for their recycling. For more details, see: Reducing waste for schools and not-for-profits

Energy efficiency grants

Grants to help Wellington homes become more energy efficient:

Sustainability - Homes

Compost grant for food gardens or native plant-restoration projects

Grants are available to schools, childhood education facilities and community garden groups to create food gardens or complete native plant-restoration projects. For more details, see: Capital Compost and Garden Products - community grant

Discretionary Grant Fund

The Discretionary Grant Fund is used only in special circumstances to ensure the community and organisations can deliver projects which meet grant criteria and benefit Wellingtonians. Typically, we support projects that miss the cycle of funding rounds (see our funding calendar) or are for projects where planning ahead has not been possible. Organisations supported through this fund must meet Council funding criteria. 

Currently, the Discretionary Grant Fund is focussed on Arts and Culture outcomes and priorities. For details of these, see the Arts and Culture Fund. For more information, contact the Senior Advisor, Funding Team.

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