Contract Funding

Contract funding is available to programmes that have already received considerable funding from the Council for at least four years.

Organisations whose activities directly contribute to Council’s strategic or policy goals can be funded through a detailed contractual arrangement with three-year reviews of the funding. 

Three-year funding support is seen as beneficial for community organisations that work to strengthen capacity in Wellington’s social, environmental and cultural sectors.  Such organisations are critical to Wellington, contributing to Wellington’s sense of place and the long-term sustainability of the city’s infrastructure. However, not all of them can continue without some financial support.

To receive one of the Council's three-year funding contracts, your organisation needs to meet the general grants criteria and should also be:

  • well-established and, with some council funding, be sustainable in the long term
  • generally regarded as a feature of Wellington’s infrastructure or unique sense of place
  • one in which (without wishing to influence its day-to-day activities) the Council has a strong interest in the outcomes of the organisation

Being able to show that your organisation has a partner relationship is beneficial.

Two types of contracts

  • Service Providers
  • Annual Plan Partnerships

These contracts will be more extensive than the funding agreements used for general grant rounds. Contracts will generally be for three years, with agreed milestones and performance measures subject to annual revision. Organisations will have a designated support person at the Council who may be involved in monitoring their progress. Some organisations may be offered a contract for a transitional period where extra monitoring or development of capability is undertaken.

All contracts are for activities that represent the core business of the Council or directly contribute to the Council’s strategic or policy goals. Organisations will have a good funding history and a record of adding value to the city.

Each year the Council will have the option of considering approaching new organisations to go onto contracts, but this is likely to impact the amount of funding available through general grant rounds.

Current Contracts (213KB PDF)

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