Community awards

These awards are designed to recognise volunteer groups and what they do.

They are supported by the Wellington Airport, in partnership with Wellington Community Trust, Wellington City Council and the four other local councils.

 A large group of people holding up certificates in front of a sign saying Wellington Community Awards 2021.
Winners of the 2021 Wellington Community Awards

The awards celebrate the valuable contribution made by volunteers. Nominations can be made for any not-for-profit group or organisation working in the interests of the community, including one of which you are a member.  

The Awards are designed to recognise past achievements and do not exclude community groups who use professionals to support the delivery of services undertaken by volunteers. The 2020 awards did not take place due to COVID-19.

Winners of the 2021 Community Awards were announced on 14 July 2021 at the National Library.


The awards have five categories:

  • Arts and Culture - Enhance and increase participation in arts and creative leisure activities
  • Education and Child/Youth Development - Improvement or enhancement of the educational and social development of children / youth
  • Health and Wellbeing - Enhancing the health and wellbeing of our community
  • Heritage and Environment - Improvement or revitalising of the environment, culture or heritage
  • Sport and Leisure - Increase participation and enjoyment in physical sport, leisure activities and recreational pursuits

2021 Wellington Community Awards Winners

Arts and culture 2021 winners

Educational and child/youth development 2021 winners

Health and well-being 2021 winners

Heritage and environment 2021 winners

Sport and leisure 2021 winners

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is designed to recognise and encourage emerging and grass-roots groups doing great things in our community. To qualify, the groups or projects need to have been in operation for less than two years, be 100% volunteer run, be new to our Community Awards, and not part of a national organisation.

Rising star award 2021 winners

Image of Animal Evac the Wellington Community Award supreme winners for 2021

Supreme Winner 2021

Animal Evac NZ

Formed in 2018, Supreme Winner Animal Evac NZ  has over 285 registered volunteers, and is the largest animal emergency response organisation in New Zealand. 

Its mission is to leave no animals behind by assisting with the evacuation of animals during emergencies, and providing initial emergency shelter until alternative arrangements can be made. 

Recently Animal Evac rallied its troops in Canterbury to support farmers whose stock were at risk during the floods in May, they were also there at the Nelson fires in 2019, the Edgecumbe floods in 2017, and lent assistance during the Australian bush fires last year.  


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