Water leaks and outages

We contract Wellington Water to investigate and repair leaks and outages across the Wellington Region.

How leaks are fixed

Leaks in private pipes, for example, those on private property are the responsibility of property owners.

  1. If you're reporting a leak for the first time, please use our Report a problem form below. We'll give you a service request (SR) number, for example, SR-000555.
  2. We'll then pass the job to Wellington Water to prioritise and repair the leak. They'll be your main point of contact until work is completed.
  3. Use your service request number to check the Wellington Water Job status map for updates.

Explore the Wellington Water - Customer journey

Report a leak

Before reporting a leak, it's a good idea to check if it has already been reported on  Wellington Water's Job status map. This can save you time and prevent unnecessary calls or queries.

Report a problem

If the leak you reported hasn't been fixed

Please check Wellington Water's Job status map for updates. If you need any further information, contact Wellington Water.

Leaks are assessed and prioritised to ensure the most severe are repaired first. This can mean there is a delay for repairs to smaller leaks. Find out more at Wellington Water - Fixing leaks.

Water outages

For the latest information about water outages, visit Wellington Water's Network status or Facebook pages.

You can also sign up for Wellington Water email  and text notifications.