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Zero Together

Everyday actions for a better climate future.

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Zero Together is a Wellington City Council project supporting residents to understand and reduce their climate impact.

Collective action on climate change is important, but we can make a difference in our daily lives too. Many simple steps for a better future climate also have benefits now for the wider environment, community resilience, your budget and your health. 

Together, our actions add up 

Alongside hundreds of other cities and countries, Wellington has pledged to become a net zero carbon city by 2050. Zero carbon is an achievable but ambitious goal, and time is short. Most New Zealanders think we can reduce climate change and would make lifestyle changes to do so. However, it can be difficult to know where to start and how we can be most effective.  

With household behaviour contributing to 71% of the country’s carbon emissions, our daily decisions can have a significant collective impact. Led by community facilitators, Zero Together is a series of practical, interactive workshops based on the Future Living Skills programme. With support from council and community experts, actions around transport, energy use, waste, food, shopping habits and more are explored.

Zero Together makes climate action accessible, enjoyable and effective:

  • highlighting existing opportunities and resources available in Wellington 
  • balancing information with experiential learning
  • bringing participants together to share ideas, form connections and encourage each other
  • Council subsidies keep course costs affordable at $5 a session

Getting to Zero Together

We are looking for community facilitators and participants now.

How you can take part

As an individual

Register to find out about an upcoming course in your area.

As a group

Workplaces, parent groups, book clubs, gardening groups, sports teams, university students, neighbourhoods – take action together. Register to discuss a workshop series for your members.

As a facilitator

Could you use your networks, communication skills and passion for sustainable communities to encourage climate action in Wellington?

We are looking for facilitators to deliver Zero Together for communities in all their forms – place-based, demographic and interest groups. You needn’t be an expert as training, support and materials are provided.

Register your interest

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