Local Food Week

A festival celebrating Wellington’s local food scene and the community that flourishes when we grow, cook and eat together.

On the right, young boy enthusiastically eats a strawberry while a grandfather watches, smiling. They are standing among community garden growing plots at Innermost Gardens.

Local Food Week – February/March 2024

With the support of Wellington City Council, Seeds to Feeds have created a week of delectable local food events. As a community organisation, their speciality is building and strengthening local food communities in our neighbourhoods. Opportunities to meet interested others, share knowledge, skills and stories, and make warm connections abound. From community gardens and local producers to veggie growing innovation and an inside look at food rescue, there’s something to tempt everyone.

Festivities continue throughout March with Neighbours Aotearoa – and Seeds to Feeds’ Harvest Celebration Festival. A moving feast of community meals centred around locally grown fresh food, their aim is to foster community relationships as neighbourhoods are empowered to grow and share food, share culture, practice food skills, and engage in the work of being community together.

For Harvest Celebration meals and many other community-led events in March, see the Neighbours Aotearoa calendar.

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