Local Food Week

Local Food Week is an annual autumn festivity that celebrates Wellington's local food producers and food system.

On the right, young boy enthusiastically eats a strawberry while a grandfather watches, smiling. They are standing among community garden growing plots at Innermost Gardens.

If you love food, you'll love Wellington's Local Food Week!

Local Food Week is an annual celebration of Wellington's local food producers and food system. It is organised alongside Neighbours Day Aotearoa – a national campaign which encourages everyone around Aotearoa New Zealand to do something to connect with their neighbours. What better way to connect than around local food?

In 2022, Local Food Week was from 25 February to 6 March.

Food is a really great way to connect with others, so think about sharing these fun opportunities with your neighbour or sharing your hard-earned prizes with the person down the road. For more ways get involved with Seeds to Feeds or Neighbour’s Day Aotearoa, and see what they’re doing for our local food system outside of Local Food Week, visit:

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