Other recommended varieties of fruit trees

These other varieties will also grow well in many places around Wellington.

Fruit species Variety Tree Spacing (m) Ideal site Month fruit is ripe
Black Mulberry Queenie 4 x 4 Deep, well drained soil to support deep roots and full sun. November–January
Cape Gooseberry 1 x 1 Likes well-draining soil. Frost tender, and often grows as an annual here. Likely to self seed. December–June
Currant* Black Setlon, Red, White, Magnus 2 x 2 Wind sheltered, partially shaded spot. December–January
Cranberry NZ Cranberry (Chilean Guava) 1 x 1 Likes nutrient poor soil. Prefers full sun, but does okay in light shade. March–April
Feijoa Apollo*, Kakapo, Mammoth, Pounamu, Triumph, Unique 4 x 4 Likes full sun and is wind tolerant, so can be used as a wind break. April–June
Fig* Adriatic, Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Brunswick, French Sugar, Magdalen, Oakuru, Robyn, Thackwray, Vlassoff 5 x 5 Needs full sun and regular watering. January & March–April
Olive Ascolano, Frantoio*, Kalamata, Lecchino, Manzanillo*, Picholine*, Verdale 4 x 4 Full sun, free draining soil. May–June
Raspberry* Wa'au, Ivory, Ebony, Aspinny 0.8 x 0.8 Fertile, well drained soil with lots of sun. Frost hardy. Will self seed and can be hard to remove. February–March & December–January
Strawberry Guava Red Cherry, Yellow Cherry 3 x 3 Sheltered sunny spot. Can grow in poor soil. April–May
Tamarillo Bold Gold, Red Beau, Tango, Teds Red 2 x 2 Needs full sun and shelter from the wind. Frost tender. April–June

Note: * Indicates that the variety or species is self-fertile and doesn't need a pollinator 'buddy' planted near by.