Citrus trees

Citrus trees are low maintenance, and love a location with lots of sun and shelter from the wind.

Citrus flowers.

Mature trees are moderately sized, up to 3m high and 2m wide, although this varies depending on variety.

They prefer lots of sun, protection from strong winds and fertile soil with good drainage. Citrus trees also require protection against frosts.

Most citrus varieties are self-fertile, and will pollenate themselves. Ask your local nursery for variety-specific information.

Note: growing lots of citrus together will cause more pips in the fruit, as they will cross pollenate.

Citrus varieties

Variety name Description Month fruit is ripe
Grapefruit Golden Special Sweet and tangy November
Mandarin Encore Easy to peel  November 
Lime Tahitian  Very sour and flavoursome  September 
Lemonade  A sweet lemon November 
Lemon Genoa Thornless and sour with a thick skin September
Lemon Meyer Popular and easy to grow Year round