Community composting hubs trial

We're investigating options for community composting in Wellington.

A person pouring food waste into a wooden compost bin.
Image credit: Kaicycle

The community composting hubs trial is part of a shared investigation into new approaches to household composting by council’s Connected Communities and Climate Change Response Units.

‘Community composting’ is defined as small-scale composting sites which service a limited geographical area. Interest in community composting is growing in New Zealand but there are few initiatives in Wellington. What is possible and where is determined by our District Plan. In most cases, the District Plan requires community composting initiatives to have a resource consent.

In 2023, we will be supporting six groups to obtain the necessary permits to explore conditions that support safe, viable and ecologically responsible community composting. We are also investigating models and methods that might make composting more accessible and seeking to improve community and household composting practices.

Community composting helps divert food waste from landfill. It also supports social connections and community resilience, more sustainable and regenerative local food systems, and opportunities for household composting education.  

Watch this space for more information as the project develops. 

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