Data, monitoring and reporting

We're constantly working to better understand our environment, and to evaluate the impact of our efforts to protect and restore it. Here are the reports and findings of this work from our Urban Ecology Team.

Bird monitoring  

The Bird Monitoring Reports serve as an outcome measure of the efforts to protect and restore Wellington’s natural environment. 

Forest bird monitoring

The forest monitoring programme focuses on passerine, parrots and song bird species and has been running since 2011. These reports give us a good indication of number, diversity and distribution of our native manu.   

Coastal bird monitoring

The Urban Ecology team survey the Coastal habitats for marine and estuarine bird species.

Kororā (little penguin)

The Urban Ecology team in partnership with Places for Penguins undertook a penguin nest detection survey.

Wellington Penguin Detection Report 2021 (588KB PDF)