Berhampore Nursery

At Berhampore Nursery, the Council grows trees and plants for Wellington's public parks, gardens, and reserves.

A nursery for the Council's work

Please note that the nursery is only able to provide plants directly to Community Groups and Road Reserve applicants, during the designated pick-up times from May through to August.

We are unable to assist with the following:

  • selling plants for use on private property
  • donating plants for personal projects
  • providing plants directly for landscaping work, e.g. a slip near a property.

We recommend your local regional nursery to buy the right native plants for your area.

Working year-round, the Council's Berhampore Nursery:

  • grows 100,000 eco-sourced native plants every year for Wellington's gardens, parks, and reserves
  • provides plants for Council and community restoration work
  • provides horticultural advice, tours, and workshops on plant production and growth
  • consults on urban horticulture projects and activities as requested.

Eco-sourced plants

The plants grown at Berhampore Nursery are all grown from eco-sourced seeds, collected by Council staff. We grow plants that would have originally occurred in an area as they have the best chance of surviving in restoration planting and keep our flora varied and distinct to Wellington.

Plants for volunteer planting

Although Berhampore Nursery does not sell plants commercially, we support volunteer community planting by supplying plants and planting advice to:

  • environmental community groups doing restoration planting
  • volunteer residents looking to plant public roadside and reserve

Plants for volunteer roadside and reserve planting

Plants for environmental community groups

Contact Berhampore Nursery

Manager, Berhampore Nursery

Phone: 04 389 9729


Street address: 32 Emerson Street
Wellington 6023