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Election signage

If you want to advertise a candidate during the electioneering period, you will need to obtain Council permission before erecting any signage on public land in the Wellington District.

About election signage

An electoral sign is considered to be a temporary freestanding sign that promotes the election of a candidate or party. Because these are temporary signs, they are subject to the Council’s Public Places Bylaw and District Plan requirements.

Election signage can be placed on private and public property, but some restrictions around the signage do apply. 

Election signage on public property

If you want to erect signage on public land (for example, on a road reserve), you will need to get written approval from Wellington City Council before you put your signage up. Once you apply, the Street Activities team will process your application, and then get in contact with you.

Street Activities will get back to you with the approved signage sites where signs may be placed.

Please note that lodging an application does not constitute approval.

Public signage requirements

If you do want to put up election signage on public property, the following restrictions apply:

  • the sign must not exceed an area of 3 square metres, and a maximum total sign height of 4 metres above the ground,
  • the sign must contain an authorisation statement as per section 113 of the Local Electoral Act 2001,
  • the sign must not be erected earlier than 6 weeks prior to the day voting closes and must be removed from all sites before election day.

For this by-election, the first day a sign may be erected is 11:59pm Friday 5 January 2024 and signs must be removed from public sites by 11:59pm, Friday 16 February 2024.

For more information on our signage rules, please read our by-election signage guidelines (253KB PDF) and our general guidelines for temporary signs in public places (152KB PDF).

For detailed information on where signs can be placed on specific sites, please refer to our by-election signage sites document (971KB PDF). 

Applying for election signage in public places

Before you apply for permission, please make sure you have an image of what the sign will look like. This must include the colour of your sign and also show your Authorisation statement. You will be asked to provide this as part of the application process.

Apply online

Election signage on private property

Signage can be placed on private property without permission from Wellington City Council, but some restrictions do apply.

It should only be erected on private property (including fences) with the consent of the property owner, and kept within the confines of that property.

Signage on private land is still subject to the Council’s District Plan requirements, which means the same rules with respect to area (3 square meters) and height (4 meters above the ground).

Election signage on State Highways

State highways are managed by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, but Wellington City Council is responsible for managing signs on property alongside rural and urban State Highways.

In Wellington, State Highway 1 moves northward from Wellington International Airport along Calabar Road, part of Cobham Drive, part of Wellington Road, Ruahine Street, Paterson Street, part of Rugby Street, Sussex Street, Buckle Street, and Arthur Street, continuing along the Wellington Innercity Bypass and Wellington Urban Motorway toward Porirua.

State Highway 2 moves northward from the Wellington Urban Motorway onto Hutt Road toward Petone.

There are additional rules for signs erected along these routes. Signs must:

  • generally not be located on rural state highway reserves (unless exceptional circumstances have been approved by NZTA stage highway managers)
  • not be reflectorised or illuminated
  • be located well clear of intersections, other signs and generally giving consideration to visibility and traffic safety
  • not be on or adjacent to motorways
  • not be erected in a manner that will create distraction or danger to road users
  • not imitate any official traffic signs.

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