Appointing managers

You must notify the District Licensing Committee within 2 working days if you appoint, cancel or terminate the appointment of a manager.

Appointing a temporary manager

If a certified manager is ill, absent, dismissed or resigns, the licensee can appoint a temporary manager. The temporary manager does not need to hold a current manager’s certificate, but must lodge an application for a manager’s certificate within 2 working days of the appointment. The temporary manager's status will remain in effect until their application has been considered.

If the application is not lodged within 2 working days, or the application is refused, the licensee must stop using that person as a manager. 

Applying for a new manager's certificate

Appointing an acting manager

Acting managers can be appointed to cover planned or unplanned leave. If a manager is ill or absent, the licensee may appoint an acting manager for no more than 3 weeks at any one time, or a period of no more than 6 weeks in any 12-month period.

Appointing a new manager

When a manager has been granted a manager's certificate and will start acting as a duty manager, the licensee must notify the District Licensing Committee. 

If a manager is dismissed, resigns or their certificate is cancelled

The licensee must notify the District Licensing Committee.

Before you fill in the application form

Have these things on hand to make notifying us easier:

  • the premises' licence number
  • applicant's email address
Note: You can't sign for your own appointment unless you are the owner or operator.

How to notify the DLC

Fill in our online form

Fill in the online form to notify us of an appointment. Online applications will be passed on to the Police.

Notify us online

You can also notify us when an appointment needs to be terminated using the below form.

Terminate an appointment

Download a notification form

Download and complete the notification form. You can deliver it in person, by post or by email.

Notice of Appointment of Manager, Temporary or Acting Manager (43KB PDF)


Period of appointment end date

The Appointment Details page has a question about the manager's period of appointment.

Acting managers need to enter an end date no more than 3 weeks from their start date.

Appointed managers and temporary managers can enter any date in the end date field. You need to enter an end date to move on to the next page.

Application process flow diagram.
Process for appointing a temporary or acting manager

Once you've submitted the form

The District Licensing Committee may decide not to approve the appointment of any temporary or acting manager. This decision must be made within five working days of receiving the appointment notification.

Time frame

This diagram illustrates what you can expect during the application process. Remember, the timeline is a guide. Your application might take longer.

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