Applying for or renewing a manager's certificate

To manage an alcohol (liquor) licensed business in Wellington City, you must hold a current manager's certificate.

Current processing delays

We are currently delayed in sending out Managers Certificates, due to a backlog caused by COVID-19.

If your certificate is urgent please contact us on 04 801 3760 or email as we may be able to prioritise on a cases by case basis.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

When to apply for a manager's certificate 

A manager's certificate allows you to work as a duty manager in a business that sells or supplies alcohol. 

Applying for a new manager's certificate

When to renew your manager's certificate 

You must renew your manager's certificate: 

  • 12 months after it's first issued 
  • every 3 years after that before the expiry date.

Renewing your manager's certificate

If there's opposition to your application

If your application for a manager's certificate is opposed, you'll be asked to attend a hearing to discuss the opposition and present your case.

What to do if there's opposition to your application