Notify the public of your alcohol licence application

After you've submitted your alcohol licence application, you must post a notice to let the public know that you're intending to sell alcohol at your business.

What you need to do

A public notice template is included in the application form. You must post or advertise your public notice on our website or in the newspaper, and somewhere people can easily see from the outside of your premises.

Online/in print

  • On our website – this costs $150 and you can submit it as part of your application
  • In the classifieds section of the Dominion Post – you'll need to arrange this yourself, then email a copy to with the date of publication

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Note: Your notice will be posted on our website even if you choose to post it in the Dominion Post.

On your premises

You must display a printed copy of the notice where it's visible to people walking past, for example on the front entrance. The email accepting your application will give you further instructions.

Once the notice is posted

Once the notice is posted online, members of the public have 25 working days to object to your application.

Alcohol licence application assessment process

Need help?

You can meet with an alcohol licensing inspector for free. They're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

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