Heritage plaques

Wellington’s heritage plaques recognise significant local people, groups, businesses, places and events.

Cities all over the world celebrate their citizens’ achievements and highlighted historical places and events through the use of public plaques and other interpretive devices.

For example, London’s heritage blue plaques which began in 1866 have grown to marking over 900 official sites to help locals and tourists connect with that city’s history.

Wellington’s heritage plaques

Suzanne Aubert

Suzanne Aubert, better known as Sister Mary Joseph and Mother Aubert, was a trail blazer in New Zealand; devoting her life to looking after our sick and poor at a time when social services didn’t exist.

Plaque location: Home of Compassion Crèche (18 Buckle Street, Te Aro).

Aunt Daisy (Maud Basham)

Maud Basham, better known as ‘Aunt Daisy’ was a radio broadcaster and personality who broadcast for 27 years (1936-1963) every weekday morning to New Zealanders.

Plaque location: Hope Gibbons Building (7-11 Dixon Street, Te Aro).

Iris Wilkinson (Robin Hyde)

Iris Wilkinson, better known by her pen-name of Robin Hyde, was one of New Zealand’s major poets and writers. During her short, tumultuous and incredibly productive life, she was ‘brilliant, beautiful, difficult and doomed’, according to the biography co-authored by her son Derek Challis.

Plaque location: Robin Hyde House (92 Northland Road, Northland).