Hoarding library

Four local artists were commissioned to design artworks for the Creative Hoardings Library.

Four local artists were commissioned to design artworks for the Creative Hoardings Library.

Gabby O’Connor, Ariki Brightwell, Ruth Thomas-Edmond and Telly Tuita created artworks that respond to our city, enliven public spaces and enrich people’s experiences, enhancing the character and identity of Pōneke.

Lisa Darlington from Wellington City Council’s design team developed a hoarding artwork that speaks to the city’s unique built environment.

Together these artworks form a Library of Creative Hoarding Designs that will be available to property owners and building developers to download for free. Artworks can then be printed on adhesive vinyl, billboard canvas or mesh fabric and installed on hoardings when construction projects are underway.

Gabby O’Connor, Regreen

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Wellington City, Te Aro is located on a coastal wetland that linked the food basket of the Harbour with Island Bay. The wetlands drained as a result of the 1855 earthquake when the coastline lifted, while early European settlers expanded the coastline through land reclamation.  These actions resulted in a shift of the coastal ecology where plants were displaced and sacrificed, making way for a city.  Regreen symbolically reinstates the original Wellington plant-scape.

Artist's description – Regreen

Ariki Brightwell, Te Kahui Mounga

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Ariki’s design depicts the stories and geographic history of Te Whanganui-a-Tara, focusing on the story of Te Kahui Mounga as told by Taranaki Whanui, and the seismic activity (entities) that shaped Te Upoko o Te Ika.

Artist's description – Te Kahui Mounga

Ruth Thomas-Edmond, Beneath the carpet and the stars

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Ruth has created an abstract artwork based on traditional quilt making practices, with washi-tape on paper. Her intention is to bring colour and patterns that trigger memories of domestic interiors to our city streets and construction sites. The composition, while architectural in form, never quite adheres to the rules of this function.

Artist's description – Beneath the carpet and the stars

Telly Tuita, Ofa Atu, Te Whanganui-a-Tara 

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Presented as a richly layered, softly coloured landscape with paint and collage on canvas, Telly Tuita’s artwork has many cultural and artistic reference points that collide to tell a story about people, time and their connection to place.  

Artist's description – Ofa Atu, Te Whanganui-a-Tara

Lisa Darlington – Wellington City Council Creative and Brand team, Building Blocks

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Building blocks celebrates our urban environment – its history and the people that humanise its spaces. The design, based on an isometric cube pattern, comprises scaffolding, maps and layers of pattern, that form the building blocks of our city.

Artist's description – Building Blocks