News | 18 June 2021
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Friday Five: Things to do with your canine companion this weekend

Bored of doing the same walk every weekend with your four-legged best friend? Or thinking you might treat them to a spot of lunch somewhere? Here's a list of five things every owner could do with their pooch this weekend…

A border collie golden retriever mix sitting on a grassy field in the sunshine.

1. Hit the beach

During the winter months more of our beaches are dog friendly so why not breathe in some fresh sea air and feel the sand between your paws. 

Check out the full list of off-leash beaches on our website.

Jess the border collie dog wearing a leash and sitting on the footpath with a blue sky and hill in the background.

2. Take your pooch out for lunch

Our colleagues at Wellington NZ have put together this handy guide on dog-friendly cafes, eateries and bars. Ideal for pups who like doggacinos or even dog lovers hoping to spot a good boy/girl!

3. Make sure they're registered

If you have a new dog or have recently moved to Wellington, you will need to register it with the Council. All puppies must be registered by the time they are 3 months old, and if you've taken ownership of an adult dog that hasn't been registered before, you'll need to register it within 14 days.

Head to our website for everything you need to get sorted.

A king charles cavalier spaniel wearing a leash sitting in front of a field of orange and yellow flowers.

4. Explore our inland dog exercise areas

If you’re bored of the same walk in a park then take your doggy somewhere that has new sights and smells to sniff! We have a handy interactive map which shows you all the locations and whether you can walk your dog on or off-leash.

You can find the map and more on our website

5. Keep them safe!

Microchipping makes sure dogs can be quickly identified should they go missing, be stolen or be injured. All dogs registerd after 2006 need to be microchipped, except for working dogs.

Head to our website for more info about microchipping. 

A young girl wearing a cap lying on grass surrounded by brown and black puppies.

For everything you need to know about dog ownership here in Pōneke, visit our website.

Watch out each Friday for a fun list of five great activities to do, places to explore, or things to discover in our awesome city.